Math Blogging Initiation (MBI)

After visiting the math twitter blogosphere website here and committing to use blogging as mode to reflect and grow as a teacher, I’ve decided to put myself through the math blogging initiation. I figured it was the best way to start on the right foot and it would be a good way to get my writing juices flowing.
Each week, for four weeks, I will respond to one of the prompts available on Sam J. Shah’s site here.
I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Writing about my thoughts, especially those relating to how and why I do what I do when I teach, has been difficult for me, but that is about to change…right?

Here goes nothin’!

2 thoughts on “Math Blogging Initiation (MBI)

  1. Hi!!! I love that you’re doing this. You definitely should keep up the goal of doing four posts, fo’ sho! But I wanted to let you know that @jreulbach and I are going to be hosting another version of this new blogging initiation at the start of October — if we get our act together! So you should keep your eye out and participate in that. I’ll advertise it on my blog and I’m sure others will too.


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